Affiliate Terms and Conditions

  1. Enrollment
    1. Please use valid information when signing up.
    2. Affiliates may consider creating a new Yahoo!, Gmail, or other email accounts for Luxury Fashions Boutique business, only.
    3. If you are signing up under another affiliate, please remember to use their sub-affiliate link, or enter their Parent Referrer ID.
    4. It is 100% FREE to enroll in the Luxury Fashions Boutique affiliate program, and this is not a limited time offer.
  2. Conduct
    1. Do not defame, belittle, or misrepresent the company or any of its affiliates in any way, shape, or form.
    2. You must be sure you are a member of all available free training groups, as well as the Facebook training group chat.
    3. You may only switch uplines once.
    4. Should you become interested in switching uplines, you must contact a member of the management team with a legitimate concern, as this is a serious process and decision.
    5. Always conduct yourself in a professional manner.
    6. Do NOT give out information that you are not certain is valid.
    7. Maintain responsibilities such as giveaways, advertisements, parties, etc.
  • Support
    1. If you have questions or concerns regarding a product or customer, please contact your immediate upline before management.
    2. If you have questions or concerns regarding a serious issue that cannot be handled by your immediate upline, directly contact a member of the management team.
    3. ALWAYS get your answers and information from, or confirmed by, a superior.
  1. Commissions
    1. The affiliate program operates on a 6-tier commission basis. Tier 1 (6%), Tier 2 (5%), Tier 3 (4%), Tier 4 (3%), Tier 5 (2%), Tier 6 (1%)
    2. You will receive 30% commission from orders referred specifically by you.
    3. You will receive a new code randomly that will give you access to a 30% discount.
    4. If you do not apply your discount code at checkout, you will receive 30% commission.
    5. If you do apply the discount code at checkout, your 30% commission will be waived for that specific order.
    6. You can NOT share your discount code with any customers!
    7. You will be paid via PayPal each Friday as long as you have $10 worth of commissions approved in your account by the proceeding Wednesday.
  2. Information
    1. Luxury Fashions Boutique is worldwide. We ship worldwide, and we enroll affiliates worldwide. There is no exception to this rule.
    2. Luxury Fashions Boutique’s website and back office support multiple languages.
    3. There are advancement opportunities within the company for individuals that show undivided interest in excelling in this business.
    4. You, as an independent contractor, have the right to create a business group, page, or advertisement on any social media or other websites as long as it abides by all other listed terms and conditions.
    5. Luxury Fashions Boutique does not offer military discounts, senior discounts, student discounts, or bulk discounts as of July 2017. As the company expands, this may be subject to change.
    6. Luxury Fashions Boutique retains the right to remove any affiliate that does not abide by the terms and conditions listed.